IDS-1 Design Thinking

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Coursework format: Pre-Recorded Webinar with online quiz

Category and points accumulation: Category 1, 0.2 CPD points

Course time allocation: 1.5 hours

Course price: R350



Design Thinking (IDS-1) is the first module in the Interior Design & Colour Series.
The masterclass is presented by John Lam Wai (Munich) in which he shares the discrepancies and similarities of UK-South African-Chinese office space and the cultural hierarchies that inform spatial layout. An assessment of research data and spatial distribution helps to engage participants in a Q&A session about the diversity of space and the appropriation of design across different cultures.


  1. To understand the similarities and differences in the spatial arrangement of 3 case study areas: UK, RSA & China
  2. To reflect on ones residential/ work environment and assess which nuances of hierarchy are present
  3. To imagine the workplace as an amalgamation of cultures and to assess the level to which one or more cultures are represented within the participants current work-context


  1. The completion of the 10 part multiple choice quiz questions released upon course completion with the final grading of 80% or above.
  2. The completion of a short reflective essay.


Presentation by: CPD CONNECT
in association with Gauteng Institute for Architects, The Design Asemblage & SteelcaseĀ®

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