WS-5 Employee Engagement

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Coursework format: Digital Comprehension with online quiz

Category and points accumulation: Category 1, 0.2 CPD points

Course time allocation: 1.5 hours

Course price: R350



Engagement and the Global Workplace (WS-5) is the fifth module in the Future of Work Series.
The module will focus on the Steelcase Global Report which explores the relationship between employee engagement and the work environment. It identifies one of the most serious issues facing leading organizations today – that only 13% of workers, in 17 of the world’s most important economies, are highly engaged.


  1. Understanding cross-systemic barriers which drive a disengaged workforce.
  2. Understanding the psychology between employee engagement and workplace satisfaction
  3. Identifying how personal levels of control over the individual workplace is directly related to employee engagement.
  4. Understanding how cultural context and the response thereof influences work place engagement.


  1. The completion of the 10 part multiple choice quiz questions released upon course completion with the final grading of 80% or above.
  2. The completion of a short reflective essay.


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